FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)

- Should I take Academic or General Training?
Read the explanation of the Academic and General Training tests, then contact the organisation or institution to which you are applying to find out what it requires.

- How long is an IELTS score valid?
Test Report Form is valid for two years.

- Where else can I get information about IELTS?

- What should I bring on the test day?
On the day of the test you should bring the following:
• The same form of identification document you presented with your application. You will not be admitted to the test room if you have a different document.
• The Instruction for registered candidate you have been given upon registration.
• Your pencil case. Please don’t bring any personal belongings as they will not be permitted in the test room and UniHouse will not be held responsible for their security.
• For ladies please avoid wearing any accessories and high heels.

- What if I need to transfer or cancel my test?
Any request to transfer or cancel the test should be made at least five weeks before the test date.Requests within the five weeks of the test can only be made for serious causes (e.g. Sudden death, car accident, and illness) and the candidate must provide official evidence to support the request. Our administration fee for this service is JOD 30 which will be deducted from the full fee refund.

- What if I am absent on the day of the test?
If you are absent on any part of the test without prior notice, you may not  receive a refund.
Speaking test can be rescheduled for an additional fee of JOD 30.

- What help is available for Special Needs candidate?
Revise Special Need Requirements Section.

- When and where I will get my result?
Your result will be released 13 days after the test date, and can be received personally from our reception desk upon presenting the identification document, or viewed on line.

- How many copies can I get of my result?
You will receive only one copy of your test result. An additional five copies to be charged can be sent directly to the nominated receiving organizations and institutions worldwide. Duplicate test report forms are not provided in case of loss.

- Can I have my results over the phone, by fax or e-mail?
We are not permitted to give results over the phone, by fax, or by e-mail. If you cannot personally collect your test result, you may authorise in writing another person to receive the results on your behalf. Authorisation forms are available at the Customer Services desk or download it from IELTS Forms. The person authorised should have their identification document with them.

- What can I do if I am unhappy with my result?
Candidates may apply for an enquiry-on-results procedure at the centre at which they took their test within four weeks of the issue of results. There is a standard fee of JOD 90.00, which is fully refunded should the band score increased. This procedure normally takes 6-8 weeks from the date we receive the request.

- How soon can I repeat the test?
There is no limitation on how frequently candidates can sit for IELTS. It should be noted however that IELTS scores are not substantially improved merely by taking the test on multiple occasions. To significantly improve a score it is necessary to engage in a period of further serious study.

For more advice and guidance about IELTS please visit us in our premise, or contact our Customer Services from 09:00 to 17:00 from Saturday to Thursday